6 Mobile Website Design Hints for an Optimized User Experience

Mobile Website DesignMore and more companies are releasing mobile website experiences with the explosion of smartphone sales and smartphone Internet usage. In fact, the behavior of the mobile user provides staggering support for launching a mobile site. Take advantage of the millions searching and surfing the Internet while on their smartphone. Give those visitors an opportunity to engage with your brand and make it easy for them to complete a valuable conversion. Below are six simple mobile website design hints and screenshots of a couple good mobile site designs.

Add a phone number to your mobile website homepage
Smartphones usually make phone numbers on websites hot, so the user can simply tap the number and their phone will start dialing your business. Make contacting you as easy as possible so add your phone number to the homepage instead of making the visitor tap a “Contact Us” page.

Add a conversion on the homepage
Again, do not make the visitor click around your mobile website in order to find a call to action. Make a bold statement with that valuable conversion right on the homepage.

Reduce the standard desktop website experience for your mobile site
Viewing a website on a desktop is a completely different experience from viewing a mobile website. You must strip down the experience and only provide a handful of simple pathways to actionable content. Do not become persuaded by every business group to add their content. Focus on your core transactions.

Reduce page load time
The user may not be right in the middle of a hotspot therefore their download speed could be quite slow. Ensure your mobile website loads fast for every situation.

DO NOT build your mobile website in Flash
The iPhone is one of the largest players in the smartphone market and does not support Flash. Soon HTML5 will replace Flash as well. Do not create a mobile website that can be viewed by only half of your potential customers.

Make sure your mobile website layout can fit various screen sizes
Smartphone screen size varies drastically and do not forgot about the exploding tablet market. Screen sizes for tablets also vary wildly. Make use of CSS to provide the best layout experience for all your visitors.

This is not an exhaustive list of mobile design optimization hints, but they are very important and should be discussed with your mobile website design team. Now lets look at a few mobile site designs that follow the advice above.

Mobile Site Design Layout

NCLUD makes it easy to call their phone number and offers a call to action. It also is a minimized experience and gives the visitor only a few click options.

Domino's Pizza Mobile Website

Domino’s Pizza gets right down to business. It is simple and only provides the visitor with actionable options that will lead to a sale. They give the user an opportunity to make an easy conversion.


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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