Book Review: Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover

Search Engine Optimization Secrets - Danny Dover

I have finished the masterpiece that is Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover. Over the years I have read many books about SEO, Online Marketing, Usability, Social Media and even one on Information Architecture. Some books have been outright fluff discussing general concepts geared toward an audience with zero subject matter knowledge in that space. A majority have been worth every penny by accomplishing a handful of key goals:

  • Reaffirming my strategies and practices are on track
  • Improving how I communicate my profession to others
  • Improving how I communicate my value offer to clients
  • Pushing my creative envelope in devising aggressive yet safe SEO opportunities

Search Engine Optimization Secrets was much more for me. Years ago I made a decision, whether right or wrong, to dedicate all of my time working rather than spending some time self marketing or appropriately engaging the SEO community. Sure I had a presence on well known SEO forums and connected with many industry players through Social Media and communities, but I was not making waves. That decision, along with not attending conferences, explains why I am only known locally to some in the Seattle SEO community. Luckily, I have surrounded myself or worked with some of the finest SEO minds which has certainly helped reassure me that my strategies and what I have learned reading and testing were truly best SEO practices.

For similar advanced SEO professionals that have veered from self marketing or getting into the “in SEO crowd” Search Engine Optimization Secrets will provide that moment of clarity confirming your great work is a correct or acceptable manner for SEO implementation. Keep in mind I do not nor have I ever dabbled in Black-Hat SEO. Maybe “correct” is not the best word and I am sure some Black-Hat artists will take umbrage, but I digress. What I am trying to say is Danny does not spew 416 content pages of fluff or generalities. He succinctly and directly explains the best practice rules and then provides detailed examples of each rule’s implementation. This is why a beginning or novice SEO must read this book. It is the best book for explaining the rules and demonstrates how they are applied.

Danny also dives into client management, and how to better sell your value to potential clients. Everyone knows how to tell their story, but everyone can polish that story to help increase your SEO services market share. Throughout Search Engine Optimization Secrets Danny provides sounds business practices to improve your professional presentation and client interaction. Danny also casts a wide net delivering content that is everything SEO. For example, he has an entire chapter dedicated to conferences. What each conference has to offer. How to maximize your investment when attending a conference. Explaining how to you should approach a conference and what you should do to absorb every bit of knowledge and take advantage of every networking opportunity possible.

This all-up view of the SEO industry, the basic and advanced knowledge accompanied with Danny’s personable writing style catapults Search Engine Optimization Secrets above and beyond any of the SEO books I have previously read. I strongly recommend the novice SEO read this book so you can prevent making any catastrophic errors. I also feel an advanced SEO would greatly benefit reading about Danny’s approach to SEO as a business. If you have been in the industry long enough you may not learn any new SEO strategy but you will see how a successful colleague handles the business side of our profession.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets Book

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