About Google Personalized Search and How to Turn it Off

Turn Off Google Personalized Search

Google Personalized SearchEver get the feeling that the search results Google displays seem to include the websites you often frequent? Ever wonder how that is possible with trillions of web pages and billions of websites? Can your special corner of the Internet and your search topics be that small? Welcome to Google Personalized Search. Think of it in similar fashion to the shopping behavioral algorithm that Amazon uses for their shopping “Recommendations” when you are logged into your account. However, there is one major difference. Google provides this feature for users that are logged into their account and users that are NOT logged into their account. Yes, Google is tracking your search activity and based upon your activity tailors the search results of future search queries.

SEO Interview: Quick Questions for Tracey Woods

Tracey Woods - SEO

Tracey Woods - SEOOver the last decade I have become friends with many SEOs. All of them have provide expert level advice and have added valuable knowledge to the collective SEO community. Some of my colleagues are very well known as they have blogged, published books or frequently present at online marketing conferences. Some are just too busy to hit that circuit and work behind the scenes. I wanted to create a series of posts letting you get to know many of the SEOs I have met. So here are some quick questions and answers by a fellow MSN SEO; Tracey Woods.

Why Your Website Needs the Robots.txt File

Robots.txt Format - Sitemap.xml Location

Robots.txt Format - Sitemap.xml LocationThe robots.txt file is a set of instructions that help massage the interaction between your website and the search engine crawlers. That means the crawlers should follow the instructions of your robots.txt file, and in most cases do in fact adopt your wishes. There might be rare occasions where you will see the search engines ignoring your robots.txt commands, but that is not a reason to abandon using this file. If anything that should encourage you to create a Google Webmasters Tools and Bing Webmasters Tools account and see if they are having specific problems with your site.

5 Tips for the Best URL Format for SEO

Best URL Format for SEO

Best URL Format for SEOThe three most critical and controlled SEO elements for a targeted keyword of a single webpage are the: 1. URL, 2. Title tag and 3. Content. Your keyword must appear correctly in each of these elements if you want success in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Please note I make the statement above at the single webpage level. That means I am by no means discounting or undermining the importance of external and internal linking for an entire website. This article will focus on proper URL writing of a single webpage in a vacuum of other SEO tactics.

An SEO Keyword Research Tip – To Ing or Not to Ing?

Keyword Research for Gardening

Keyword Research for GardeningWhen you are deciding on a keyword phrase format that will be repeated for a series of articles or for a site section you must conduct thorough research. Failure to do the proper keyword research can result in thousands of missed opportunities. For example, while working on a Home & Garden section of a very popular website I stumbled upon a twelve gardening articles. Each article was a checklist of gardening activities for each month of the year. An editor reached out to me and asked why these pages were performing poorly and netted very low search engine referral numbers.

My Preferred Domain Setting for Your Website

Google Webmaster Domain Setting

Best Domain SettingYou have valuable content, a grand design and a domain name. You are itching to publish your website, but are you overlooking a very important first step? Have you decided upon a domain setting and have you religiously adhered to that setting throughout your web development process and site architecture? Failure to establish a domain setting can hinder your external backlinking strategies and impact your long-term SEO strategy.

Meta Description Tag Tips for Large to Enterprise Size Websites

Star Trek Enterprise - Meta Description Tag

Last week I wrote a post on how to properly utilize the Meta Description Tag for websites. One of my buddies argued that adding a personal touch to this tag for a large or enterprise size website is not scalable. He is absolutely correct. If you have a website that produces hundreds or even thousands of pages daily you would need to have a team in place writing Description Tags all day. That might not be the best use of your limited resources.