The Best Way to Change Your Twitter Username

Twitter Username

Changing Twitter NameBusinesses and people often times rush to a decision when defining their online brand. Worse yet, sometimes branding is not even considered when creating a Social Media presence. This can lead to serious problems in the future especially with Twitter. Let’s explore how to properly change your Twitter username and why it is so important to follow this process.

Twitaholic: The Top Twitter Ranking Tool Measuring Followers

Twitaholic - Twitter Ranking by Total Followers

Twitaholic - Twitter Ranking by Total FollowersHumans are naturally competitive so I know there are thousands of Twitter Users that wonder how their account compares to accounts of friends or other Tweeters living in their location. Well there just happens to be a solution out there that ranks Twitter accounts based upon total followers. Twitaholic ranks Twitter accounts using only one metric; total followers. This is completely different from Klout which measures your online influence by calculating numerous variables.

One Way to Use LinkedIn to Land a Job Interview

Getting a Job Using LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to get a Job InterviewI have been part of the LinkedIn community since late 2006, and as a community junkie I try to utilize every aspect of LinkedIn. One huge advantage LinkedIn provides is your network of contacts. You can use this vast network to land a job interview even in this difficult economic climate. Are you wondering how is this possible? So what I have 500+ connections how are they going to help?

Klout: One Way to Measure Your Online Influence

Klout and Online Influence

Klout and Online InfluenceKlout is one of many popular tools that will help you determine your overall online influence. Klout is widely respected amongst the Social Media community and business world. In fact advertisers are looking at powerful influencers as vehicles to deliver their client’s message instead of traditional print means. Also, some businesses are rewarding their customers with strong Klout scores because those individuals are more likely to shout a positive message about their experience. The Palms in Las Vegas has hosted special events for guests with high Klout scores. So there is a rush to improve your Klout score and presence on the Internet.

Measuring Your Professional Online Brand

Social Media Tool

A Social Media related measuring tool has been released by Their solution helps you review your “professional online brand” by mining data from your social networks. Essentially, the tool will scrape your social network activity and provides detailed analysis about your presence and conduct on the Internet. So if you love drunk posting  or cursing like a sailor on Facebook or Twitter this might be a good tool to utilize before applying for that dream job. After hooking in your social networks the tool might provide comments like this one: