Google Search Using Creative Way to Drive a Query

So I went to Google today and saw an interesting display of their brand. Below you can see a black and white image. A man’s face is partially covered by a piece of paper that reads Google in an old world font. I was curious because the center of the image displays an arrow icon used frequently as a convention for web-based video players.

Google Search Site

I clicked on the arrow and a video of Charlie Chaplin portrayed by another actor began streaming. Google is celebrating Charlie’s 122th birthday. If you click on the image around the arrow you are taken to a search engine results page for the query Charlie Chaplin. This is a very cool way to drive traffic to a specific subject matter.

Charlie Chaplin Online

If you knew you owned the number one position in Google for a particular search term, then just think of the monetization potential for buying that kind of exposure. With the introduction of Google’s branded search algorithm tweak it is very easy for many companies to ensure they are in the number one position and some even dominate the entire first search result page (Query “Microsoft”). Google has just unearthed a new potential revenue stream with massive upside.

The advertising client gets incredible exposure and Google can charge an insane fee. Win-win for all parties involved. However, would that have a negative impact on the User experience? How would the average user react to such advertising? What are your thoughts?



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