How to Get Privacy for Your Home in Google Earth Street Search

Google Street View CarUsually SEO is all about increasing your search engine visibility and getting visitors to convert. Simple tactics can increase your sales, membership numbers, decrease your costs or accomplish some other goal. There are some things you wish never were on the Internet and that the search engines do not surface for others to see. For example, are you keen that a snapshot of your home is visible in Google Earth Street search?

By now, everyone should be aware that Google sent out an army of vehicles to drive and photograph every street and every home across the Earth. Many countries in Europe fought this and Google faced many protests across the water. Some cities blocked Google from entering their townships, but there was not a ton of fuss in the United States about this ambitious project. The Internet, search and the collection of information continues to expand at an alarming rate and more and more about you becomes available to anyone on a daily basis. Want to increase your privacy? Here is a simple process for having your home blurred out on Google Earth Street search.

Step 1 – Visit Google.

Step 2 – In the search box enter your full home address including city, state and zip code (or postal code).

Step 3 – As of today, the first result should be an image of Google Maps with a thumbnail for Street View in the bottom left corner. Click on the Street View thumbnail.

Google Earth Street Search

Step 4 – At the bottom right of the Street View map click on Report a problem.

Google Earth Street Search Privacy

Step 5 – On that screen Google permits you to request image blurring of a face, home, car, license plate and other objects. Select home.

Google Street View Privacy

Step 6 – Sit back and wait for about one week. Search for your home address again and you should see a blurry mess of your home, but only of your home. Your yard and driveway will remain visible.

It is not a complete solution, but it certainly is better than nothing.


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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