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Triberr - Increase Twitter ReachThere are many slices of Digital Marketing that can drive traffic to your website or blog. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to capture search engine referrals organically. Search Engine Marketing or paid search is the best way to funnel eyeballs to your site if you want to pay for each set of eyeballs. Social Media is the art of distributing, sharing and consuming content by users via their own online social presence. If you have a blog and a Twitter account then I suggest you take a good look at a relatively new Social Media tool; Triberr.

Triberr is the very simple yet very game changing idea of Dino Dogan and his business partner Dan Cristo. This is how it works:

  • Sal has a blog about comic books
  • Sal also has a Twitter account with 10,000 followers
  • Sal is invited to the Comic Book United Front tribe on Triberr
  • The CBUF has 10 tribe members and each tribe member has 10,000 followers for a grand total of 100,000 followers
  • Sal publishes a post defending the premise that Wolverine is the best Marvel character and Batman is the best DC character
  • Each tribe member of CBUF Tweets Sal’s post over the course of several hours
  • Sal’s “Wolverine and Batman Rule!” blog post will now be exposed to his 10,000 Twitter followers and the combined 90,000 followers of his Triberr tribe mates

This is the exact tweet that would be posted by Sal’s tribe members using the fictitious post title above, “Wolverine and Batman Rule! http://shorturl via @salcomicbooknut.” Sal’s perfectly plausible manifesto is now exposed to 9x more Twitter users than before when Sal was not on Triberr.

If you have a blog and would like to increase your blog exposure then look at Triberr because Triberr will increase your Twitter reach. Here are a some tips on how to best maximize the value of Triberr:

  • Join tribes that produce like-minded content. So if you have a comic book blog then seek out a comic book tribe
  • As your members are willing to tweet your posts be a good tribe mate and tweet your tribe mate’s posts (Set to Auto)
  • Get to know your tribe mates to strengthen the bond and relationship (New opportunities will arise with this one)
  • Produce quality content

That last point is critical. In my example, Sal has nine tribe mates sharing his posts with 90,000 Twitter followers. Do you really want all those people to see a one paragraph incoherent rant? Do you really want to sully the reputation of your tribe mates by having them share and promote your 78 word diarrhea of the keyboard? Absolutely not. Triberr makes you think before and while you are writing so you produce a higher quality of content. I want my Triberr tribe mates to be proud they are sharing my content. Because just as easy to accept an invite to a tribe it is equally as easy for the tribe leader to boot you from the tribe. Represent your tribe mates by authoring valuable content. After all why would you want to increase your blog exposure if you have nothing of value to share? Check out Triberr and get more people reading your thoughts.


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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