Link Building Campaign Idea Leveraging Your Monthly Newsletter

Link Building Campaign IdeasMany struggle with link building campaign ideas, but there are dozens of creative ways to snare those coveted gems. Companies often times publish monthly newsletters with very high subscription numbers. The people receiving the newsletter are your customers and raving fans. You have already built a strong relationship with these individuals because they use your product or service.

It is now time to leverage that relationship and simply ask or subtly encourage a backlink to your site. Depending upon your readership it might be just that simple. Request they backlink to your site. Write a newsletter article clearly explaining how they can add a link from their website to yours. Make sure you provide the specific URL you want as the link destination and provide the anchor text of the link.

Before you tear your eyes away to draft that newsletter article lets talk about the anchor text or link text of the backlink. DO NOT WASTE it on your company or brand name. Use this opportunity to gain links using valuable keywords as the anchor text. That means you need to do some keyword research and evaluate your current backlinks as well as those of your competition.

If making this request in an entire newsletter article is too burdensome than make the request subtly. Add a wrapper module with instructions on how to link back to your website. With this approach you can keep the module as a permanent part of your newsletter wrapper so your readers will have the opportunity to see it every month. Again, it is important you provide them with the specific URL and anchor text to gain the maximum value from those links.

Still feel uncomfortable about this link building tactic? Don’t be. I have managed many communities. Large B2C ones with millions of members to very small ones involving powerful thought leaders. Two very different demographics and relationships yet they both are very willing to add a link back to your site. Leverage their affinity for your product or service and gain those links!


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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