My Reasonable Excuses for Not Blogging

Excuses for not BloggingI recently read Jessica Northey‘s post “Feel Like You’re Going the Wrong Way Down the Social Media Road?” and she mentions one of her goals is to blog five times per week. When I started this site my goal was to publish three times per week, but I have not been consistent with that publishing rhythm. So I started thinking why I am not accomplishing that goal and came up with my reasonable excuses for not blogging.

  • There are young children at home
  • Full time job
  • Side consulting business
  • Got to workout to become muscular big
  • Got to workout some more to stay in some semblance of shape
  • At the end of the day my mind is drained from work and kids
  • Need to spend quality time with the hot wife
  • There are always a pile of errands to run
  • Our clothes have to be washed somehow
  • The dishwasher needs emptying three times a day
  • The pug needs to go outside
  • Need to make lunches for the kids (Ever cut up the contents of two lunches into little bits? Surprisingly takes a long time)
  • Got to get my Xbox LIVE gaming fix (Gamer addict since Pong and there is no cure for that addiction)
  • Sleeping is nice at least once during a 24 hour period

For me those are reasonable excuses not to blog, but I am always telling my clients that they need to find time to blog and that blogging is important. As reasonable as those excuses are there is enough time in the week to author some more posts. To make sure I follow through on this goal I will remember one of the best ad campaign slogans of all time; Just Do It.

Just Do It


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