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Copyscape LogoAs a blogger or even a website editor you spend countless hours writing and sharing your knowledge. Some articles might flow easily at your cerebral fingertips, but other articles might require lengthy research, interviews, citations and deep thought. When your work is shared throughout the Social Media space or blogosphere you may feel a sense of pride that work has had an impact. However, there are some people on the Internet that will steal your valuable content because they are flat out lazy and are looking to make money online through advertising; usually Google AdSense. Copyscape is your best bet as a plagiarism checker.

6 Mobile Website Design Hints for an Optimized User Experience

Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website DesignMore and more companies are releasing mobile website experiences with the explosion of smartphone sales and smartphone Internet usage. In fact, the behavior of the mobile user provides staggering support for launching a mobile site. Take advantage of the millions searching and surfing the Internet while on their smartphone. Give those visitors an opportunity to engage with your brand and make it easy for them to complete a valuable conversion. Below are six simple mobile website design hints and screenshots of a couple good mobile site designs.

Bloggers You Are Missing Out on Image Search Traffic

Batman Dark Knight Rises Poster Image

Image Optimization for Image SearchMany of my friends blog and they always ask for search engine optimization hints. They want to know every way possible to increase their organic referral traffic. They also cannot afford having a full-time or part-time SEO consultant working on their blog or website, so I must give them SEO advice that they can implement on their own. Image optimization is one easy SEO task any blogger can leverage to increase search engine traffic. Just about every blogger adds at least one image to a post. Do not waste that opportunity to attract more eyeballs to your blog.

Yahoo! Releases the 10 Top Searches for 2011

Yahoo Top Searches for 2011

Yahoo Top Searches for 2011Yahoo! released the ten top searches for 2011 which includes a device, television show, a¬†catastrophic¬†event and various individuals. I wanted to say “celebrities” instead of “individuals” but just could not bring myself to categorize some of the people listed as celebrities. At least two and a half are viewed as evil by a significant slice of society, so I did not want to recognize them the coveted status. How many of the people or search queries on the list are evil in your opinion?

Keyword Density and Keyword Stuffing Boost Your LinkedIn Profile in Search

LinkedIn Profile - SearchThis past March LinkedIn announced 100 million members worldwide. So it is safe to assume there are at least hundreds of individuals on LinkedIn with your same job title and perhaps thousands within your specific industry. We are all very aware LinkedIn is mined by job recruiters looking for new candidates all the time. This is why understanding LinkedIn search is critical if you want to appear ahead of your colleagues or competitors on the LinkedIn search results page (SERP). For some I might need to explain what a SERP is before diving deeper.

How to See if Your Site is Indexed by the Search Engines

Google Index Operator

A shocking revelation cascaded down upon me the other day. An “experienced” site manager thought you only needed to publish a website and it would be discovered by the search engines. The new website did not have an HTML sitemap or an XML sitemap. No external sites were linking to the new site and the site was not registered with either Google’s or Bing’s Webmaster Tools. There was no external promotion for the site and no Social Media blitz. It simply was published and expected to be discovered and indexed by the search engines. Never assume your point of contact for a website knows what they are doing even if you are informed they are experienced.