An IT Job Recruiter Shares How He Uses LinkedIn for Recruiting

Job Recruiting With LinkedIn - Social Media

Job Recruiting With LinkedIn - Social MediaMy discussion with Dan Contreras, a ten year plus veteran IT job recruiter, continues in this post with a focus on LinkedIn. Dan answers a series of questions on how he conducts job recruiting with LinkedIn. Find out what recruiters look for when they review your LinkedIn profile and if LinkedIn is the correct place to post your virtual resume. Dan also provides a valuable hint on what you should not add to your LinkedIn profile; some forums are not meant to air all your laundry.

How an IT Job Recruiter Uses Social Media for Job Recruiting – Part 2

IT Job Recruiting Using Social Media

IT Job Recruiting Using Social MediaHere is part two of my interview with Dan Contreras, an expert IT job recruiter. Learn how he leverages Social Media and online communities to source new candidates and reviews referrals. He provides great insight into the world of job recruiting and how Social Media and online communities support that industry. If you have not read part one of this conversation, How an IT Job Recruiter Uses Social Media for Job Recruiting, then I suggest you read that article first.

How an IT Job Recruiter Uses Social Media for Job Recruiting

Dan Contreras IT Job RecruiterDan Contreras is an expert IT recruiter that has been in the business for over a decade. During that time the advent of Social Media, online communities and networking in cyberspace has exploded. Being a Social Media and online community addict I have seen how both have assisted many find their dream job. Even I have used Social Media and a few online communities to build relationships and make contacts to land job interviews. Clearly, recruiters discovered the value of Social Media and online communities when sourcing candidates for opportunities, so I grilled Dan about the convergence of Social Media and job recruiting.

SEO Interview: Quick Questions for Tracey Woods

Tracey Woods - SEO

Tracey Woods - SEOOver the last decade I have become friends with many SEOs. All of them have provide expert level advice and have added valuable knowledge to the collective SEO community. Some of my colleagues are very well known as they have blogged, published books or frequently present at online marketing conferences. Some are just too busy to hit that circuit and work behind the scenes. I wanted to create a series of posts letting you get to know many of the SEOs I have met. So here are some quick questions and answers by a fellow MSN SEO; Tracey Woods.

Broken Link Checker: A WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress Logo - Plugin ReviewA long time ago I created a static website  < >and then added a WordPress blog at the subdomain level < >. It was my first crack at utilizing WordPress and for some reason I could never properly implement the platform to write keyword rich URLs. Now it is quite easy, but when I first started the blog setting a customized URL writing scheme would always meltdown the site.

The Best Way to Change Your Twitter Username

Twitter Username

Changing Twitter NameBusinesses and people often times rush to a decision when defining their online brand. Worse yet, sometimes branding is not even considered when creating a Social Media presence. This can lead to serious problems in the future especially with Twitter. Let’s explore how to properly change your Twitter username and why it is so important to follow this process.

Why Your Website Needs the Robots.txt File

Robots.txt Format - Sitemap.xml Location

Robots.txt Format - Sitemap.xml LocationThe robots.txt file is a set of instructions that help massage the interaction between your website and the search engine crawlers. That means the crawlers should follow the instructions of your robots.txt file, and in most cases do in fact adopt your wishes. There might be rare occasions where you will see the search engines ignoring your robots.txt commands, but that is not a reason to abandon using this file. If anything that should encourage you to create a Google Webmasters Tools and Bing Webmasters Tools account and see if they are having specific problems with your site.

5 Tips for the Best URL Format for SEO

Best URL Format for SEO

Best URL Format for SEOThe three most critical and controlled SEO elements for a targeted keyword of a single webpage are the: 1. URL, 2. Title tag and 3. Content. Your keyword must appear correctly in each of these elements if you want success in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Please note I make the statement above at the single webpage level. That means I am by no means discounting or undermining the importance of external and internal linking for an entire website. This article will focus on proper URL writing of a single webpage in a vacuum of other SEO tactics.

Twitaholic: The Top Twitter Ranking Tool Measuring Followers

Twitaholic - Twitter Ranking by Total Followers

Twitaholic - Twitter Ranking by Total FollowersHumans are naturally competitive so I know there are thousands of Twitter Users that wonder how their account compares to accounts of friends or other Tweeters living in their location. Well there just happens to be a solution out there that ranks Twitter accounts based upon total followers. Twitaholic ranks Twitter accounts using only one metric; total followers. This is completely different from Klout which measures your online influence by calculating numerous variables.