An SEO Keyword Research Tip – To Ing or Not to Ing?

Keyword Research for Gardening

Keyword Research for GardeningWhen you are deciding on a keyword phrase format that will be repeated for a series of articles or for a site section you must conduct thorough research. Failure to do the proper keyword research can result in thousands of missed opportunities. For example, while working on a Home & Garden section of a very popular website I stumbled upon a twelve gardening articles. Each article was a checklist of gardening activities for each month of the year. An editor reached out to me and asked why these pages were performing poorly and netted very low search engine referral numbers.

A Loose SEO Case Study – Keyword Rich URLs for

Keyword Rich URLs - FilmJabber

Keyword Rich URLs - FilmJabberCase study might be a little strong, but we certainly can learn from this example that keyword URLs are much better than GUID URLs. FilmJabber is managed by a buddy of mine named Erik Samdahl. He is a movie fiend with an edgy opinion making his movie reviews an interesting read. FilmJabber also offers some pretty cool contests with good giveaways making his movie website quite appealing. Erik also is a much more adept web developer than I am so we barter services. I get web development when needed and he gets my SEO and Social Media advice.

Track Why a Community Member Closes Their Account

Community Member Account

Community Member AccountIf you are managing an online consumer community it is paramount that you track why a valued community member closes their account. For me every active community member or member account that was acquired by monetary means is a valued member. As a community manager responsible for tracking the ROI of an individual community member and for controlling community member acquisition costs you must be able to understand your membership. You must also be able to track, predict and correct the community’s behavior. Understanding why a member account was closed is part of that equation.

My Preferred Domain Setting for Your Website

Google Webmaster Domain Setting

Best Domain SettingYou have valuable content, a grand design and a domain name. You are itching to publish your website, but are you overlooking a very important first step? Have you decided upon a domain setting and have you religiously adhered to that setting throughout your web development process and site architecture? Failure to establish a domain setting can hinder your external backlinking strategies and impact your long-term SEO strategy.

Affiliate Programs Can Result in Millions Lost to Fraud

Online Affiliate Fraud

Online Affiliate FraudYou have decided to build an online community, and you have the recruitment campaign materials (Part 1 of this series) to start growing your community membership. Most importantly, you have secured funding to use an affiliate program to help increase your community membership levels. So it is time to turn on the spigot and spend some cash, right? Yes, but you better have great affiliate tracking and monitoring measures in-place so you actually get active members with your spend and not bot created accounts. Nothing is worse than determining your cost per acquisition is quadruple the standard market rate and that high cost is a result of affiliate fraud.

Why Companies Must Create Online Communities

Online Community Management

Online Community ManagementAn online community is a wonderful way to engage your core customers, potential customers and raving fans. Companies today can make these important people feel more like a family member than a stranger with purchasing power. This is not the old days folks. In the past a company would internally develop a product or service and bring it to market. Of course most would utilize focus groups and market research, but a company could never truly get customer sentiment like they can today.