An Improvement for the Technorati Blog Claim Process

Technorati LogoIt has been years since I have updated my Technorati account, and finally got around to adding this blog that you are reading now. Technorati requires that you complete several fields and append tags that describe your blog. Then you are asked to complete their blog claim or verification process. The claim process demands that you upload a short code to your next published article, and Technorati sends that short code in an email. Unfortunately, that email from Technorati is vague on what to do with the short code.

Meta Description Tag Tips for Large to Enterprise Size Websites

Star Trek Enterprise - Meta Description Tag

Last week I wrote a post on how to properly utilize the Meta Description Tag for websites. One of my buddies argued that adding a personal touch to this tag for a large or enterprise size website is not scalable. He is absolutely correct. If you have a website that produces hundreds or even thousands of pages daily you would need to have a team in place writing Description Tags all day. That might not be the best use of your limited resources.

One Way to Use LinkedIn to Land a Job Interview

Getting a Job Using LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to get a Job InterviewI have been part of the LinkedIn community since late 2006, and as a community junkie I try to utilize every aspect of LinkedIn. One huge advantage LinkedIn provides is your network of contacts. You can use this vast network to land a job interview even in this difficult economic climate. Are you wondering how is this possible? So what I have 500+ connections how are they going to help?

Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover

Search Engine Optimization Secrets - Danny Dover

Search Engine Optimization Secrets - SEO BookLast night I received a Review copy of Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover and contributing author Erik Dafforn. I was only able to jam through four chapters but can affirmatively state that this is a must read if you are interested in SEO. I have consumed many SEO books and this is the best. It hammers home the basics for an SEO newcomer but also dives deep technically with code and example implementation so more advanced SEOs will not be bored. I also like the 360 view of an SEO. For example, there is a section that discusses how an SEO should approach conferences like SMX, SES and PubCon. The advice on attacking these conferences to increase your visibility and knowledge is solid. As soon as I am finished reading this gem I will post a thorough review.

Send Commerical Emails? CAN-SPAM Compliance and Email Tips

Email Marketing Tips - CAN-SPAM Act

Email Marketing Tips - CAN-SPAM ActEver receive an unexpected email from a friend regarding their business? Ever think it is a good idea to gather up customer email addresses and blast them with promotional offers? Are you aware of the CAN-SPAM Act? The CAN-SPAM Act is a Federal law that regulates commercial email use. Yep, “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” including email that promotes content on commercial websites is REGULATED. Each separate violation can net you a $16,000 fine. Do I have your attention now?

Klout: One Way to Measure Your Online Influence

Klout and Online Influence

Klout and Online InfluenceKlout is one of many popular tools that will help you determine your overall online influence. Klout is widely respected amongst the Social Media community and business world. In fact advertisers are looking at powerful influencers as vehicles to deliver their client’s message instead of traditional print means. Also, some businesses are rewarding their customers with strong Klout scores because those individuals are more likely to shout a positive message about their experience. The Palms in Las Vegas has hosted special events for guests with high Klout scores. So there is a rush to improve your Klout score and presence on the Internet.