Spicy ECCC or Emerald City ComiCon Pictures

Cosplay Pictures

The Emerald City ComiCon or ECCC was held this past weekend for the ninth year. (What does this have to do with SEO, Social Media or Community? Well #ECCC was very popular on Twitter the past few days. Then there is the massive community aspect. Getting tens of thousands of raving fans under one roof celebrating together what they all love. Also, comic book conventions are very geek related, and I am a geek so there is the more obvious connection.) Each year this outstanding comic book convention grows bigger and bigger, and I have been attending the ECCC since the beginning with some intermittent absences here and there. If you are a comic buff then you must hit this annual event because you can find that elusive back-issue you have been seeking for years. There are dozens of comic vendors that from all appearances packed their entire shop for display and sale at the convention.

Should I Use the Meta Keyword Tag? NO

Meta Keyword Tag - Tag Cloud

Meta Keyword Tag - Tag CloudI know it has been said hundreds of times by hundreds of SEOs, but after conducting numerous website reviews I can no longer remain silent. Do not use the Meta Keyword Tag on your website. It provides zero value yet it is always abused which can hurt your website. The Meta Keyword Tag appears in the header section of your website code and looks like this:

Measuring Your Professional Online Brand

Social Media Tool

A Social Media related measuring tool has been released by MyCareerWeb.com. Their solution helps you review your “professional online brand” by mining data from your social networks. Essentially, the tool will scrape your social network activity and provides detailed analysis about your presence and conduct on the Internet. So if you love drunk postingĀ  or cursing like a sailor on Facebook or Twitter this might be a good tool to utilize before applying for that dream job. After hooking in your social networks the tool might provide comments like this one:

MVP Summit SEO Workshop a Success Part 1

Microsoft MVP ProgramDuane Forrester, Chris Moore and I held a SEO workshop at this year’s Microsoft MVP Summit, and fifty brave MVPs registered to have their websites put into the meat grinder of our collective SEO knowledge. These tech savvy experts submitted personal blogs, corporate websites and forums to be analyzed for missed opportunities and white hat analysis.