SEO Interview: Quick Questions for Tracey Woods

Tracey Woods - SEOOver the last decade I have become friends with many SEOs. All of them have provide expert level advice and have added valuable knowledge to the collective SEO community. Some of my colleagues are very well known as they have blogged, published books or frequently present at online marketing conferences. Some are just too busy to hit that circuit and work behind the scenes. I wanted to create a series of posts letting you get to know many of the SEOs I have met. So here are some quick questions and answers by a fellow MSN SEO; Tracey Woods.

Tracey Woods is a SME in Engineering and Editorial Search Engine Optimization with over 10 years experience in the web publishing industry. She has owned and operated her own online – offline publishing business and have worked with clients that range from small to enterprise size businesses. For the last several years her focus has been with developing internal in-house SEO tools, processes and best practices for some of the Top US Companies.

How and why did you choose to become an SEO professional?

SEO allows for both analytical, creative and innovative thinking in an environment that is ever changing – search engines and publishing technologies alike.

Of all the SEO tasks (i.e. site review, URL writing, keyword research, technical SEO) which one do you most enjoy performing? Why?

Pretty well all, but I lean toward the technical projects.

Is SEO more important today than it was for websites five or ten years ago? Why?

As search engines improve their algorithms we can expect for best publishing practices to be more and more important.

Should a professional SEO expand their knowledge base to other online marketing verticals (i.e. Social Media, Community, SEM)? Why?

Yes, as with everything in life – either you keep on top of the developing trends or you fall behind.

What is the most challenging aspect of SEO?

Getting all groups involved to communicate with each other and getting them to loop SEO in at the beginning ever before a Dev touches the keyboard.

Throughout your career what is the most common SEO problem you always find when reviewing a website?

URLs, additional – useless parameters being added to the string.

Can you look at any website while surfing the web without thinking about SEO?



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