Surprising Companies That Don’t Rank for Their Logo in Google Image Search

logosA majority of time I am shocked and confounded that a large company does not rank for their own logo in Google Image Search. If anyone in the world should rank for a company logo it should be the company that owns that logo. However, almost everyone ignores their logo and the best practices for image search optimization.

Before we reveal the culprits and the companies that do understand there is value in ranking for their own logo let’s see if there is a reason to rank for these familiar images. The following list of keywords was pulled from the Google Keyword Planner tool. The data shows the average monthly search volume for each keyword within the United States using Exact match data:

Keyword Average Monthly Search Volume
Apple Logo 40,500
Amazon Logo 12,100
Walmart Logo 12,100
Target Logo 12,100
Microsoft Logo 9,900
Xbox Logo 5,400
Home Depot Logo 3,600
PlayStation Logo 2,900
Costco Logo 1,900
Lowe’s Logo 1,900
IKEA Logo 1,600


Some logos are more popular than others, but nevertheless there is strong search demand for a company and their logo. Now let’s see how these industry titans rank in Google Image Search:

Google Rank
Amazon 1
Lowe’s 1
Microsoft 2
Xbox Not in top 50
PlayStation Not in top 50
Apple Not in top 50
IKEA Not in top 50
Home Depot Not in top 50
Target Not in top 50
Walmart Not in top 50
Costco Not in top 50


Apple, Amazon, Walmart and Target have the greatest average monthly search volume, but only Amazon ranks for their logo. The other three are not even in the Top 50. The next question is how can a company rank for their own logo? The answer is simple; image search optimization. Some people may refer to this as Digital Asset Optimization or simply image optimization. You might call it something else, but at the end of the day the rules are the same.

If a company wants to rank for “company name logo” then do the following:

Image File Name – Name the image “company-name-logo.jpg,” so home-depot-logo.jpg. All that matters is you use your company name and logo. Use lowercase and separate each word with a hyphen. Do not add anything else.

Image ALT Text – This one is easier than the file name. Use “Company Name Logo,” so it would look like this “Home Depot Logo” for Home Depot. Do not add anything else.

There are a few other factors that influence ranking in Google Image Search. Such as the text content around the image will help educate the engines what the image is about. For example, the hero image for a page about an Xbox One controller, most likely is a picture of an Xbox One controller and not a pepperoni pizza. So if the image file name and Image ALT Text use “Xbox One controller” and the page content is about an Xbox One controller, then there is a strong chance the hero image is a picture of an Xbox One controller.

It is also wise to deploy an image sitemap.xml and register the location of that sitemap within your Google Webmaster Tools account. With those tactics in mind let’s see how the companies above fare for optimizing their logos.

Do theses companies optimize their image file name and Image ALT Text for the logo:

File Name ALT Text
Amazon Yes’ish No
Lowe’s Yes’ish No
Microsoft Almost No
Xbox No No
PlayStation No No
Apple No No
Home Depot No No
Target No No
Walmart No No
Costco No No


Not one company is properly optimizing for their logo. Most either use gibberish for the file name and a few use just “logo.png.” However, the three that rank do incorporate “company name logo” into a larger image file name.

For Amazon’s ranked image the file name is: navAmazonLogoFooter._V169459313_.gif. Lowe’s uses: NSI_Lowes_logo_280_2617.png, and Microsoft uses: MSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray_D102x23.png.

Most have not even deployed the Image ALT Text code, and the companies that have just use their company name and do not include the term “logo.” Just a few simple tweaks and these companies could be in the pole position for their own logo, and these changes would require a nominal amount of development resources. Do not let a random website out-rank you for your own company logo. Leverage the best practices above and capture that valuable number one ranking.


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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