TrueTwit: The Anti-Community Solution for Social Media

TrueTwit - Anti Social Community ToolI enjoy Twitter because the community sharing aspect, and I follow as many people as possible. When I recognize someone as consistently sharing high quality content I diligently add them to a subject matter list so I can easily parse their tweets  from the thousands in my general Twitter feed.

Typically, I follow anyone with these interests:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Community
  • Video Gaming
  • Star Wars
  • Comic Books

And there are a few other topics as well. I want to consume great content on the Internet and sometimes feel a human can recommend better stories or articles than a search engine. Unfortunately, some humans that engage in social communities like Twitter discourage any sort of community interaction. I know right; absolutely crazy. Who would join an online social community designed specifically for sharing thoughts and content only to discourage others from viewing what they want to share with the world? The answer is quite a few people on Twitter.

I tried following a handful of “social media” professionals, according to their Twitter profile, and was foiled in my attempt. No they have not locked and made their tweets private. What they have done is hooked up one of the most anti-social community solutions ever; True Twit.

Anti Community Twitter Solution
Auto Direct Messages


I tried following the four individuals above, but was denied. They all use TrueTwit validation which requires I click on the link and then enter a CAPTCHA code to prove I am human and not a bot Twitter account. Here are some burning questions I would love answered surrounding this befuddling solution:

  1. Why make it difficult for truly interested people to view your wisdom and knowledge?
  2. Who cares if a bot Twitter account is following you (You do not have to follow back so you won’t see their SPAM)?
  3. Automated Direct Messages are not that popular, so if you are going to utilize that feature why not make one that adds value to your business or personal goals?
  4. Why would anyone pay to use this?

Personally, I could care less if a bot follows me. I am not going to follow them back so I will avoid seeing their SPAM tweets. Since I am not following them they cannot Direct Message my account either. Is this solution just for people that are too lazy to vet who they follow because these people follow anyone that follows them? Spend some time creating lists and add the high value people you are following to those lists. Then peruse their tweets from your created Twitter lists.

I just do not see the value in TrueTwit, and I certainly do not click through and validate that I am a human. I am not going to waste my time, and unfortunately for TrueTwit users you are missing on an opportunity to have your content shared with my followers because I retweet good tweets. Keep rocking that anti-social community solution.


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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