Twitaholic: The Top Twitter Ranking Tool Measuring Followers

Twitaholic - Twitter Ranking by Total FollowersHumans are naturally competitive so I know there are thousands of Twitter Users that wonder how their account compares to accounts of friends or other Tweeters living in their location. Well there just happens to be a solution out there that ranks Twitter accounts based upon total followers. Twitaholic ranks Twitter accounts using only one metric; total followers. This is completely different from Klout which measures your online influence by calculating numerous variables.

The Twitter ranking tool is as easy to use as its ranking methodology. Simply visit the website and enter your Twitter username in the upper right search bar.

Twitaholic Username Search

Now if you have visited the site before and entered your username or if someone else has reviewed your Twitter ranking you should see a screen with a high level summary of your account and a list of past dates when your account was crawled.

Twitterholic Account Summary

Now if it is the first time your Twitter account is crawled by Twitaholic you will not see an account summary page like above. Instead you are driven into a dead-end experience with the following message:

wasn’t found! 🙁

All information is based solely upon publicly available information generated by If you’d like to change your name, bio, or whatever, do so on Twitter. We’ll catch it 🙂
Hosted, coded and maintained by Twitter Counter. Follow us on Twitter at @twitaholic

Technically the message is correct because your account has not yet been crawled by this Twitter ranking tool, but it gives the impression that your Twitter account does not exist. Patience my young padawans. Just wait 24 hours and then return to Twitaholic and reenter your username. An account summary screen will populate on your second visit.

So far so good. I am happy my Twitaholic account summary informs me how I rank overall in Twitter and gives me my ranking for my location. But how do I rank against those within my region? Just click on your location in your account summary.

Twitterholic Twitter Ranking

Twitaholic determines your location from the location you designate in your Twitter profile. So if you get creative and choose “The Unicorn Meadow” as your location chances are you will be ranked first for that location. I live in the greater Seattle area so I choose Seattle, WA and see the following Twitter accounts.

Entering your city and state will give you the entire population. However, if you just enter your city you will only see results of those that just entered your city. For example, people that just entered Seattle see these Twitter ranking results for their location. Notice that Pete Carroll ranks second for just Seattle, but is ranked seventh when compared to people that entered Seattle, WA or Seattle, Washington. So if you want more accurate results make sure you enter your city and state as your location in your Twitter profile before asking Twitaholic to crawl your account.

A long, long time ago Twitaholic used to be branded Twitterholic. When the first version of this Twitter ranking tool launched they actually scraped Twitter. However, they no longer scrape Twitter and each account is only crawled when someone clicks the “Crawl My Stats!” button on each individual Twitaholic profile.

The rankings for Seattle, WA / Seattle, Washington are up to date. Yes, I get bored from time to time and tell Twitaholic to crawl the top 100. It is the only way for me to accurately rank my Twitter account using this tool, and it really only takes about five minutes.

Overall, the tool is very simplistic and really does not measure your brand power or online influence. You cannot determine if your content starts conversations or is shared throughout the vast network of Twitter. All Twitaholic measures is your total follower count. So if you are in a race to nab more followers than your buddy this tool is for you. If you want to measure your influence I suggest using Klout or PeerIndex.


Author: Garth O'Brien provides SEO, Social Media and Community Management consulting services. He can help boost the online presence of a small local business or global enterprise corporations in both Google and Bing.

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