Yahoo Top Searches for 2011Yahoo! released the ten top searches for 2011 which includes a device, television show, a catastrophic event and various individuals. I wanted to say “celebrities” instead of “individuals” but just could not bring myself to categorize some of the people listed as celebrities. At least two and a half are viewed as evil by a significant slice of society, so I did not want to recognize them the coveted status. How many of the people or search queries on the list are evil in your opinion?

  1. iPhone
  2. Casey Anthony
  3. Kim Kardashian
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Jennifer Lopez
  6. Lindsay Lohan
  7. “American Idol”
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Japan Earthquake
  10. Osama bin Laden
How many of these searches were triggered by a negative event involving the search term? I suspect at least seven of the popular search terms were a result of a negative event. The divorces of Kardashian and Lopez. Casey and Lindsey’s dance with the criminal justice system. The devastating earthquake and capture of public enemy number one. Wait that is just six. Whoops, I forgot the constant train wreck that is Jennifer Aniston. Seven of the top searches relate to a negative event. What does that say about society’s thirst for knowledge on the Internet?

4 Replies to “Yahoo! Releases the 10 Top Searches for 2011”

  1. fascinating. just fascinating. thnx for sharing. I love that you noticed what triggered the search and your conclusion is on the money. fascinating. #thatisall

  2. Five or six of those still prove that our species still loves a good naughty/trashy gossip story!

  3. This is really interesting! Especially for an SEO Company that is always interested in seeing what keyterms are most widely used on the internet. It’s funny to see that the majority of people tend to look things up when they’re related to negative things. I guess that goes a long with the fact that we people have a tendency to remember negative memories more often than we remember positive memories. Either way, i think this list is pretty much proof of the fact that no matter what people say, celebrities actions do influence us normal people quite a bit! Thanks for sharing!

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